We are empowering change by
Making Power Affordable

Current scenario

Organisations working on the frontlines of healthcare and education currently pay 7-12 rupees/unit for power which significantly reduce the amount they can spend on essential items like books, sterilisers, computers etc.

With us

Fourth Partner Energy’s Power @ 1 helps grass-root level non-profit ventures with steady source of electricity at an affordable rate of just 1 Rupee per unit, so they can spend more on things that matter.

The Crisis

Organisations at grassroot level always have limited funds available to maintain the place. A large portion of this fund is directed towards electricity bills which leaves them with little or no money for other facilities. With Power @ 1, we want to empower non-profits by allowing cost reduction on electricity bills across sectors.

  • Only 1 in 4 schools has computers
  • 32 million children attend schools without electricity
  • Load shedding occurs most often during the day, when students are still in their classrooms
  • 9 out of 10 Primary Health Centres across India face power cuts, most often during their busiest hours
  • 1 in 4 of them depends upon diesel generators for power, the cost of which is double that of solar
  • 1 in 4 life-saving vaccines is wasted because of inconstant refrigeration

The solution

Power @ 1 facilitates the construction of a dedicated solar plant for high-need beneficiaries like government schools, rural hospitals and non-profits – with a one-time investment by a corporate sponsor – that will supply clean energy to the beneficiary for a modest maintenance fee of only Re. 1/unit payable by the beneficiary.

Need Analysis

Fourth Partner assesses the beneficiary’s power needs.


The corporate sponsor deploys its CSR funds to pay a one-time capital cost for setting up a solar plant at the beneficiary’s facility.


The beneficiary enjoys power at a fraction of the cost of conventional power.


The beneficiary pays a minimal fee of only Re. 1/unit, which is used exclusively for the maintenance of the plant.


Fourth Partner Energy shares regular impact reports with corporate sponsor.

Let us show you how


Power @ 1 effects change in the following streams


An opportunity for India's brightest to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.


We are keen on enabling seamless healthcare services to ensure a healthy future.

Key Principles

Clean Energy

Solar generates electricity without toxic pollution or global warming emissions.


Solar energy does not cause pollution and thereby embodies the principles of sustainability.

Social Upliftment

Contribute in upliftment of society by improving access to quality facilities for education and healthcare.

Economic Upliftment

Better education helps secure brighter futures for themselves and lift entire households out of poverty.


Advantages of Power @ 1

Derive sustained savings for almost 25 years

Zero Investment

Enjoy benefits of solar plant at zero costs

Sustained Growth

Greater than 50% savings redirects limited resources towards essential spending

Energy Security

Reduced dependence on grid electricity

Success Stories

Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

P Madhavi

Head of Operations – Maanaveeya Development & Finance Pvt Ltd

"We believe that this will be a successful project for the community development and sustainable development of children, teachers and the school itself."

Prabhakar Chowtapally

Head Master – Govt Primary School, New Bhoiguda (Secunderabad)

"A 2 kWp solar plant has been installed at our school. Having a solar plant will result in considerable financial savings which can be used for improving the school further."